About Us

Our Team

AlterLabs is made up of a diverse team of professionals and is an established international provider of information
security services. Our infosec team members are certified across numerous platforms and constantly update their skillsets.  Our core teams also has decades of practical experience working with the private, international/NGO and government sectors.


At AlterLabs, we focus on: 

  • Strong customer service: We want our customers to be happy and our team will work hard to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Research, knowledge and adaptability: Our team is always researching and will identify vulnerabilities in places where others may not have been able to find them.
  • Clear, repeatable results: We guarantee no false positives and provide detailed steps to identify, exploit and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Commitment: We help you maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and information systems.

Our primary mission is to help our customers, both large and small, to protect themselves and to improve their overall security posture.  As such, we are vendor neutral and will only recommend services or solutions that our customers genuinely need.

Our team is available anytime to help, please contact us today to learn more.