Incident Response

Incident Response

What happens when you realize your systems have been compromised? It’s critical to react swiftly to identify the cause of the breach and to prevent further damage. Our team can help.


Our incident response services include: 

  • Planning and readiness assessments: Proactive versus reactive. Ensure that your people and processes are ready when incidents happen.
  • 24 hour response to breaches and security incidents: Our team is available 24/7 to help you identify and recover from serious breaches, from website defacement to breaches of critical infrastructure or services.
  • DDoS mitigation and recovery: Are you under attack? We will help you locate the source and shield your site and applications from further disruption.
  • Forensic and legal support through specialized partners: Our team will help you ensure the integrity of evidence after a serious breach and offer in depth forensic analysis on a variety of systems.

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