Security Consulting

Security Consulting

AlterLabs offers a variety of information security consulting services. Our experienced team of consultants have worked in the government, private and NGO/IO sectors and can help you improve your security posture, define your information security strategy and help manage your secure IT systems.



Our consulting services include:

Security Audit

We’ll help you to gain a clear picture of the current state of security within your organization. Our team will thoroughly audit your existing architecture, applications, policies, plans, training programs, compliance requirements and work with you to develop a clear information security strategy.

Outsourced Security Management

In order to keep your systems secure, regular, proactive assessment and testing is required. Our managed security service will help ensure that your systems are secure and that weaknesses are identified before attackers have a chance to.

Features of our managed security service include:

– A minimum of one full penetration test annually

– Regular vulnerability scanning for internal and internet facing systems

– Support for implementation of security solutions

– Information and updates on the latest threats facing your organization

– Training for end users and IT staff

Our outsourced programs are fully customizable and are offered with both onsite and remote support options depending on the specific requirement. Additionally, our outsourced services may be purchased on an hourly, monthly or annual basis.

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