Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing

Websites and public-facing web applications are often the first target of an attacker, with incidents against websites and web facing applications making a large number of reported breaches. Automated bots constantly scan the web searching for vulnerabilities and potential targets, while malicious actors routinely carry out targeted attacks against internet facing systems.


How do you protect yourself?

A number of vulnerability assessment solutions are available to help organizations identify weaknesses in web-facing systems.


Unfortunately, many of these produce ‘false-positives’ and often miss critical vulnerabilities that are only uncovered with expert hands onassessment.

Our focus on manual testing ensures that you receive repeatable, clear results with NO false positives. Our team will deeply probe your internet facing systems using the same techniques and methodologies employed by malicious attackers. Our patient, manual approach, together with our passion for research and advanced toolkit mean you will receive results often not available with others.
While it is impossible for any organization to keep internet facing applications completely free from danger, regular, proactive testing will help mitigate the most serious risks and keep your web applications operating securely. Contact us now for a no-cost consultation.

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